About the circus

The Moscow circus on Tsvetnoy Boulevard is one of the oldest circuses in Russia. More than a hundred years ago in 1880 this building on Tsvetnoy Boulevard was built for the circus of Albert Salamonsky by the merchant Danilov's office. It is said the first ruble gained for tickets, Salamonsky framed and hung in the ticket office. When on 20-th of October in 1880 the circus took the first audience, there were five rows of chairs, boxes, mezzanine, wooden unnumbered benches and standing hall. Later, the building had been rebuilt not only once, but all its long life it served the circus.

The most famous artists performed on its arena. Anatoly Durov and Vladimir Durov, Vitaly Lazarenko, Williams Truzzi with his well-trained horses. Unsurpassed jumpers the Sosins. First-class jockeys Vasily Sobolevsky and Herbert cook. Graceful dancer Martha Sur. Acrobats Oceanos. Incomparable equilibristi sisters the Koch. The famous "Dodger" Kio, having dazzled all boys. The circus has been sounding for its famous directors, whereas each of whom was tireless in the search. Arnold Arnold led the clowns to the mysterious Kio attraction. Boris Shakhet made graceful dancers to get huge Kornilov elephants as their partners. The success of the circus largely contributed to the work of its Artistic Director Y.S. Yurskiy, who became known with his theatrical parades-prologues, with Chief Director M.S. Mestechkin, Production Director A.G. Arnold and Directors N.S. Baykalov and A.V. Asanov.

Artistic Director of the circus art studio, Izyaslav Nemchinsky created true revelation of the century at the Moscow Manege - "Bear circus" by Valentin Filatov. Once a winter Mark Mestechkin forced clowns from the outdoor circus balcony, or, as it was called in the old days, Raus, to sing mischievous couplets on the entire Tsvetnoy Boulevard.